redline vs. kona ss


Sep 16, 2001
portland, maine USA
Hi all,
I totally changed my mind and edited the hell out of this thread. I'm no longer considering the Redline SS lineup because of the rear hub spacing (BMX).

So I can get the Gary Fisher Rig (29" Front and Rear) SS with avid bb7 brakes and Reba Fork for about $75 more than the Kona Unit which is much more simplistic with Rigid fork and v-brakes.



The Fisher has the parts spec, but i'm a little hesitant on the 29" wheels. What are your opinions on these two bikes?


Sep 20, 2005
rig. 29" wheels roll over obstacles easier, but there not quite as strong because of the longer spokes. the only trouble is finding tires for them. the rig is nearly as light as the unit but is a much nicer buy


Nacho Libre
Mar 16, 2004
if it was me, i'd rather get the kona. the 29 inch wheel would go out of true easier for me, and the suspension fork would need work too. I like the feel of the rigid, and its so simple.

the kona is chromoly tubing, which i like more, and the dropouts are also built in chain tensioners. pretty trick


Aug 14, 2001
With a good wheel build you don't need to worry about the 29er wheels failing anymore than 26" wheels. I speak from experience, not some technical mathematical equations.

I ride both 26" and 29" single speeds. The factors I'd look at if I were you are this:
- How tall are you? The bigger you are the more 29er makes sense IMO (plenty of people will say short riders can use 29ers, but I dont' think it makes sense)

- Frame material: alum. vs. steel

- Geometry: Fisher has the Genesis w/ long top tubes. Do you like that or not?

- Tire selection is good for 29ers except for big tires. The biggest is 2.3 and there is only one out currently.

Both are good bikes and if you want to go rigid on the Fisher you will be able to unload the fork very easily and pay for a good chunk of the bike at the same time.


Jack Ass Pen Goo Win
Oct 15, 2004
South Bend
People who whine about 29er wheels going out of true aren't 29er riders they are just making excuses why they won't consider the size themselves. I have almost 2000 miles on my Current wheel set
(Bontrager Mustang Disc rims, 14g spokes and Surly Disc hubs) and they haven't needed to be trued since buildup, I am not a small rider(195 lbs) and I di some rocky trails on them. I used to have a 26" ss but after owning a 29er for a few months I unloaded all my small bike parts, 29" works especially well with SSing since the bigger wheels roll easier and part of the magic with ssing is momentum.


Sep 20, 2005
a 29er is a cross country bike, any cases ive heard of is because people are too stupid to realize there bike cant ride everything they see