Reference question

Jim Mac

May 21, 2004
the middle east of NY
As some might know I had an interview for a different position. I've been in my current job for 10 years.

After the interview I am handed in the application to fill out, with references of course. I am up in the air as to where or not I made the 1st cut in my interview.

For those who have experienced this, when do you inform you current employer/supervisor that you have applied for a new position/inform them that they may be called for a reference?

In my instance, there is now way around the last part. My current organization's well known in NY State government that I had the interview with (and one official who interviewed me is my director's neighbor!).



Pig my fish!
Staff member
May 23, 2002
Usually the best thing to do is to avoid using your direct supervisor for a reference. If he should be called, he'll know you're looking for a job. You can use friends or directors in other departments...they should be able to correlate your performance and character. The interveiwer will understand that you aren't able to use your current supervisor for a reference. Unless, of course, you're cool with your superior, in which case this probably wouldn't be a problem, but I'd tell him ASAP.

Lastly, you may as well your superior NOW. You don't want them getting a call out of the blue, and if you do tell him, he might make a counter offer to make you stay...but don't wait, you'll kill your chances if he gets called out of the blue. Also, you might be able to get away with calling the company you're applying with to see if you did make the second round or if they're going to pursue your references, that way you can give your references a heads up.