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Gang probed by the Golden Banana
Aug 2, 2005
What are we missing in the regional forums? Any suggestions on ways to reorganize that section?

dan wask

Turbo Monkey
May 11, 2006
B-More Maryland
YES! There has been way too much in fighting in the Virginia and surrounding areas recently. It's quite clear that the clique that is the Richmond folk have some sort of beef with anyone not in on their shenanigans.

Myself and some other guys from Maryland and Pennsylvania would love to have our own forum. We're practically worlds away from VA, and we have our own agendas that would be better discussed in our own forum.
My reason behind a MD/PA forum is:

-Geographical. The VA/Sa forum covers: VA, MD, Wva, PA and OH. That is a LARGE area. Yes you can say that other forums cover just as much area (Northeast, Pac. North, Nor Cal) but the fact is that most of the riders in this area are pretty much segregated. The Frederick guys stay in Frederick, Richmond in Richmond. Pa has got their own thing (which no-one really knows about) and Wva is stuck in the middle because of Snowshoe. Even if you look at the resorts. MD has Wisp, Va has the Nutten and Wintergreen. Pa now has 7 Springs, and then there is Snowshoe.

Even our race series are different. Va has got the Snowshoe races, we in MD have the Racer's Edge at Wisp. Not that I don't think that many racers attend both, but I don't see too many southern Va riders during the Wisp races. Esp if Wintergreen or Windrock have a series.

Separating the forums would give people a chance to discuss issues that are important to their own little place in the world. I can honestly say that I care about DJ's in Richmond as much as a Richmond rider cares about the Watershed. I just don't ride there. I takes me almost an hour to drive to Nova to dirt jump, and that's with timing my day for traffic.

I'm not trying to make this a inside/outside the beltway thing, or even "my section of 95 is way cooler than yours" thing. Just trying to be sensible about this.

Dave Kalt
Frederick, MD
Aug 6, 2006
Denver, CO
I'm from Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Also known as a surrounding area of VA. In 2007 I rode in Virginia for one day, which was at massanutten. I like to ride places like Wisp, the Watershed, and Mont Alto. I'm sure that several riders from Southern Virginia would never think twice about driving to Mont Alto to ride for a day, as I feel about driving to popular virginia riding spots.

I believe that if there were a rearrangement of the forums, the MD/PA area would be better served with a place to call their own.

It feel discouraging for a rider from PA to be lumped in with the VA forum, since most discussion is about places that we will never ride at. Even if content on a proposed new forum starts out slowly, I believe it will catch on when people realize how much more relevant to their locale.

stay classy San Diego,
Paul Doty


Turbo Monkey
Jun 24, 2005
Some re-organizing in the central us and texas forum could be needed. I could imagine Texas and some other states nearby having their own forum. but Texas cannot be lumped together w/ Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan. All these states have strong cycling communities and with their own section hopefully it could grow beyond "central US"...


Aug 19, 2007
How about a Mid west Section? Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, Kansas, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri. Did I forget any?