Renting an RV in the USA (Boston) - options?

- seb

Turbo Monkey
Apr 10, 2002
(cross-posted from DH forum)

So for our awesome USA roadtrip, we think an RV is the way to go, rather than a truck and accommodation. Means we can be more flexible about the places we go to, rather than being tied to a pre-booked schedule.

The catch is the cost. Eeeesch, not cheap when you want one big enough for 3 people for 5 weeks! Looking at about $5,000 for something like this. And that doesn't even let us do enough miles (we're going to average closer to 80+ per day, that has a 60mile/day allowance).

Lots of money :-(

I was wondering if any monkeys on here would have some top tips of where to get one cheaper...? Better yet, maybe one of you works at a rental place and can somehow swing us some amazing deal? Or maybe you own an RV that you don't need in that time period and you'd like to earn an easy couple of thousand bucks..! :-)

Fingers crossed...