Replacing rims ERD

I have a set of Industry N9ne wheels and I am replacing the rims.(dented) They have Sun SOS rims and I am replacing them with Sun SingleTracks. The ERDs are 2mm difference. The spoke calculator claims the only difference for spoke length is 1mm per spoke on drive and non drive side. I dont want to spend hundreds of dollars to replace the I9 spokes, can I get away with that minor difference in length?


Jan 7, 2007
The Area Bay
is it 1mm shorter or longer? to be safe, i would hope that the spokes are a bit long. 1mm shouldnt make a difference, but i will not be held responsible.
there are no spokes, they are industry 9's
I think you mean nipples, last time i checked they had spokes

I figured I would be ok, I normally dont reuse spokes but in this case I cannot afford to replace the spokes at like $6 a piece. I will be rebuilding the hubs to new rims and spokes next year but am hoping to get through the year with just new rims.

Thanks for the advice