"Rescued" a hilarious dog yesterday


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Dec 11, 2001
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Was not far from home and this big, goofy bassett hound was stopping cars coming both ways by weaving in and out of them. He was excited/confused...etc. Everybody just kept slowing down and driving around the poor guy almost grazing him.

Recognized him as the dog that stares at horses in a nearby field. My daughters love to spot him b/c he just stands facing the two horses and barks while wagging. You can go by and see him doing it and come back through 5 minutes later to the same thing.

Took him to the only house he could have come from and luckily the owner was just pulling in behind me. His underground fence has a short in it.

Funniest part was all I had to do was call him w/ my door open and he jumped into my drivers floorboard. Then over seat to seat and stuck his head out my back window like "Let's do this!" He just sat stone cold smiling with his head out that window til his owner made him get out.

Pure awesome! :thumb:


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Oct 23, 2001

The dog that stares at horses, heh.
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Aug 9, 2001
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Some of my best dog memories are about bassets. The first one I had would go next door to play with the neighbors' horses, teasing them to chase him. He'd get so dirty, I'd just throw him in our pool to wash off (yes, I'd add extra acid or chlorine after, haha). The next was the basset at the fish hatchery I'd take Alaina to. She loved playing with him when we'd visit. It was so cool when his owner would see us and he'd go get him so they could play. Now there's one that I pass when I take my dogs for a walk. He'll see us, and start barking all excited and tail wagging as we walk by. Some day I'll let our dogs meet him.....