residual oil vs. oil leak on a new fork?


Sep 1, 2005
san diego, north park
hi, i just bought a new marz 66 fork. it had some oil marks on the fork during the delivery. i wiped it all off. to check if was leaking anywhere. i left the fork lying flat on the ground and saw a small amount of oil leaking around the seals. i'm not sure if residual or a bonified oil leak granted the fork won't be lying flat when its on the bike. i emailed marz they said it might be residual and if i think its more then to give them a call so i can return it. so how should and what determines this? the fork isn't even installed.


Paranoid Member
Jan 9, 2004
Hmm, I don't think I've ever seen or owned a fork that leaked before I even installed it. If you wiped it clean and it continued to leak without any interference there's probably something wrong with it. You weren't bouncing it around were you?


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Feb 19, 2003
Usually on a new fork (my manipoo 1:00) does this, but it's like pre-assembly lube. It should eventually go away. If it just leaves a little ring then that's what it is, but if after riding and wiping and riding and wiping it's still there then there is a problem. But otherwise if it's a new fork there will be a little bit of pre-lube from assembly.