Revelation solo air topping out


Sep 13, 2001
Beverly, MA
I am looking for some help with my 2013 rock shox revelation RCT3 solo air. I have only had it since November and have been really happy with it, however recently I have noticed that there is some play in the initial part of the forks travel. It is really noticable when you are riding and pick up the front end, as the fork will top out and you will hear that "clunk" sound. I have tried releasing all the pressure and then filling it back up, trying different pressures along the way. I have played with the rebound settings and that didnt seem to work either. Any information someone might have will be greatly appreciated.


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It's not a preload issue, but an oil level one. And unfortunately you're not alone on this one, happens every now and then. There isn't enough oil in the MoCo chamber to make rebound work properly, so you should service it. It's not hard, all you have to do is pick the service manual at SRAM's site, some suspension oil and watch one of the maintenance videos they have on Youtube. Or you could take it to your LBS if you don't feel comfortable enough messing with the internals.


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Nov 10, 2005
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i've got an older gen revelation dual air that does the same thing from time to time. just needs some oil.

regarding play in the travel, check the bushings and the seals. and make it everything is properly torqued qhen you reassemble it.