Ride Giant, Ride Whistler: Kurt Shimada


Apr 8, 2010
Bay Area
Hey fellow monkies,

I wanted to share this with you guys. This is my video submission for pinkbikes Ride Giant, Ride Whistler contest.

I wish there was a longer time limit so I could put tons of good footage that couldn't make it into the cut due to the time limit restriction... I think I'm going to work on another edit just so I can show all the footage cause there is a lot more that definitely needs to be seen! Especially some more bails :)

One of my good friends I have known for over 15 years now filmed this for me. He has never shot any mountain biking footage, or even witnessed people doing it in real life. Needless to say, he got a good dose of it and he wants to film more so we can keep making edits that inspire people to get into the sport. We filmed for multiple days and have been editing together all day and night to try and capture the story I wanted to tell.

If you enjoy it, please fave, like, or leave a comment.. or simply watch it and I hope that you take something away from it.



Here are some still snapshots from the video: