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Dec 1, 2006
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Priority mail in state is considered overnight unless they shipped after 3pm.

He should have specified that though.


Apr 5, 2004
So they posted that they had the new 5.10's in, cool. "Hey babe, buy he these shoes". She ordered them on Fri. Feb 27th, they told her they were in stock and that the will be shipped and we will see the some time next week(oakland to LA). Tuesday rolls around and I have here call to get a tracking #. She leaves message and they return her call the next day saying that they dont' have any order, she's pissed and she has them call me. He(j-rock) calls and tells me what exactly did she order. I tell him him 5.10 freerider Wht/black size 13. He apologizes and says he he will ship next-day, sweet. Now understand that after countless times of dealing with company's you can kind of tell if people are being truthful, so I tell my girl we are not seeing anything till next week. She forwards me the Confirmation# I track it and see that it did indeed leave their location on Mar 5th, Nice it should be hear any hour and I shouldn't be so quick to judge. Hours roll by and Im answering every knock on my door hoping that my shinny new shoes are here. I decide to call RideSFO and hear for certain that they indeed ship overnight. I call, get j-rock again. I tell him who I am and that I talked to him before he says "yeah I shipped those overnight". OK I'll wait some-more. I call the USPS to confirm if my package was shipped over-night and she says no "It was shipped standard priority mail"
Well, I don't like being lied to and I know you don't either. When you want some thing for the weekend and you order it with 6 working days and a weekend to get to you in the same state, that is more than enough time.
I'm sure they are a great local business and I'm sure they do their part to support riders in their area but outright lying to customer over the phone about an order and it's status is just dirty business. Their are lots of businesses to choose from especially in these times, I could of chosen a large on-line store but I chose RideSFO because they are rider owned and I like to support Businesses like these no mater where they are located, I geuss I chose wrong. Stupid me!

Thanks for taking my call and understanding the situation. Just to be clear on anyone that has read or reads this post to understand what happen. There is a combination of technology not working perfectly, a ball dropped on our part for not following up within a day and some mis-communication. At rideSFO, we take a lot of pride about our customer service and orders. We are honest, up front and work hard to win your business. We are a small, growing company that is like you said "rider owned". Plus, we do have a forum and a community of 300+ riders that keep us honest. If you ever want to check us out to double check our character you can go to the following link:


Moving forward, we have take aims at improving our process and believe we will deliver an outstanding experience for you either through the products we sell or the events we host. I'm looking forward to sharing a beer with you the Sea Otter if you get a chance to make it out.

If you any more questions, please drop me a line.




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Dec 20, 2006
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i've never had a problem with ridesfo , but my boy tkcastle has had a problem with ridesfo and it's very cool that you responded to this thread . hopefully your going to take care of this problem and hook him up .


Apr 5, 2004
i've never had a problem with ridesfo , but my boy tkcastle has had a problem with ridesfo and it's very cool that you responded to this thread . hopefully your going to take care of this problem and hook him up .
Yes. Thanks dhMike for your support! We did talked over the phone before I responded to this thread and I feel like we came to an understanding. But I will let him respond to how it feels about the situation. There are always two sides to every story and I wanted to talk to him to let him know what was happening on our end. This is a small community that we have and we want to let people that rideSFO always try its best but we are human like every one else.


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Feb 21, 2008
Hey, at least they didn't give you the crabs.
Worse things can happen


Oct 1, 2006
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This makes me want to buy something from Ride SFO. I don't really need anything but I still want to support them for some reason.


May 2, 2008
i never chime in - but jrock at ridesfo dropped off gloves for me since he lives close by...and had to try twice to get them to me. so for me, my experience has been a positive one. oh and i just posted in here about having a bike "go missing" during shipping (from another LBS) - so i know what it feels like to receive sub-par service.


Oct 6, 2009
Id say they are pretty honest lads, a tad expensive but super good guys. For younger guys that kinda "look" bro brah, they are really professional and have zero attitude.

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Jun 13, 2002

I didn't even notice how old it was... I sent an email to Phil to find out if he wanted the thread deleted or left as evidence of a satisfactory resolution. He said leave it... so I did.