Riding a Pike coil with pop-lock?

muddy beast

Turbo Monkey
Nov 26, 2005
So I have a 2007 Pike 426 with the pop-lock adjuster (I wanted the black color). Problem is, to put it on lock-out I have to put a brake cable in the cable mount, and after awhile it stretches and slips so the bike is no longer on "full lock-out".

Point being, I purchased the top adjuster cap with intentions of changing the knobs so I can turn it by hand to lock-out and forget it. Well my co-worker (a mechanic) did this too and discovered the compression unit it's self is what makes the top cap from returning to normal riding mode, as it has a spring with in it. So my co-worker purchased the spring-less compression unit and is happy, but I just bought a new squish and would preffer to not have to drop the $40 or w/e on a compression unit. So has anyone modded one to remove the spring from a pop-lock compression unit and made it work?

Any instructions online floating around on how to do this? Rock shox says you can, but I'm sure there's a way.


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Jun 18, 2004
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Git out yer hammer and give it a shot.
Worst case scenario you do have to buy a new damper (unless you mung up more than the damper of course).
Best case scenario you don't.