Riding around San Diego

General Lee

Turbo Monkey
Oct 16, 2003
The 802
I'm going to be in the SD area - La Mesa and Encinitas i think - during school vacation to visit some college frieneds February 24th to 29th (Sunday - Friday). I'll have lots of extra time on my hands and will have my DH bike.

Any advice on riding spots would be appreciated. or if anyone want to ride that would be cool too. i'll only have my Sunday but i don't mind climbing some hills on it too if they aren't too crazy.

any reccomendations for non-riding activities would be helpful. my girlfriend is comming and she doesn't ride so we need some other ways to occupy our time as well.




May 6, 2005
Charlotte, NC
Go down to Pacific Beach for the non-riding activities, shopping, clubs, bars, and more.

For the riding, well your best bet is to get with some of the locals, because we generally don't like to speak about them in the forums, just to protect our riding spots.

I'd love to help ya out, but I'm quite busy and I currently do not have a bike. :(



Jan 22, 2008
San Diago
hey general lee. so im from rancho santa fe san diego. pretty much right where any mtb is. im new to ride monkey, so i dont know the members that well. but, if your into downhill then ted williams is where u want to ride. pm me for directions. there are a lot of places to do xc in san diego, but some of them got torched by the recent fires. before i write all of the places i know about, i should probably check to see what kind of riding you do. haha

Jon Kerr

Jan 30, 2008
San Diego, Ca.
If you want to drive a little ways, there's Lake Morena. I know there's a shuttle run downhill out there. Haven't been there for years though and honestly couldn't tell you where to go. You could ride Spring Canyon in Santee. Out and back very steady climb on the way out, then fairly fun fast single track coming back down the hill. GO as far up the hill as you dare as it heads into the Marine base. There's one sign on the trail 3 miles in saying Keep Out, but no fence or anything and I don't know of anyone who's been nabbed. San Clemente Canyon between Kearney Mesa and La Jolla is a good trail too without too much climbing.

As for other stuff, you've got Sea World, the Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Sea Port Village, Bellmont Park, tons of stuff. If your GF is a shopper like my wife is, there's a lot of shopping too. Nights downtown on 4th and 5th are a lot of fun too if you like to party.