Riding in LA

black noise

Turbo Monkey
Dec 31, 2004
Santa Cruz
I'm leaving for LA tomorrow and I was wondering how much riding there was within the city. I'm staying in Santa Monica, near Wilshire and 19th. Are there any cool dirt jump or urban spots you know of within riding distance of there? I'll be bringing my P1 (unless there's some amazing singletrack hidden nearby, in which case I'll bring my dh bike).

Any help would be appreciated.


Turbo Monkey
May 25, 2005
I would bring both bikes. The Whoops are really close to where you're staying. They aren't the biggest jumps in town, but they are a lot of fun--there are a TON of jumps to hit and flow. Not to mention, there is a lot of good DH stuff by my house, about 35 minutes north of where you are staying. Shoot me a PM...I'm probably going to be out of town this weeked, but someone should be around. We have the "real deal" in my neck of the woods...:thumb:

Dr. Steth

Jun 16, 2004
Anywhere but here.
yo fiddy, can you post some directions, from valencia? Pm is fine. If not I'll try to find my way. Pretty much new to the area and I'd like to come out Sat.
I'm thinking it's something like taking the 405 to Sunset and then onto kent....
Thanks for any help.


Turbo Monkey
Jun 17, 2005
pm sent.. could you edit your post with the directions you posted... more and more peeps have shown up to the place and some tools and other things have come up missing.......