riding in South Jersey


I'm normal
Oct 2, 2001
Northern Va.
I know not to get specific, but I was wondering how is the riding (DH/Free riding) in the South Jersey area? What would be a good town to live in or near, for easy access to the trails (if any).

in addition, generally, what would be a good town to live in from a quality of life perspective, FWIW, if I get the job, I will probably be working in Egg Harbor.

Jun 4, 2002
Berryville, VA
My Brother-in-law lives in Egg harbor, seems to be a nice area. You have the "Pine Barriens" all over that area, miles and miles of sandy, pine forest. I have seen plenty of quads and MX bikes riding around so I would think that there are some bike trails some where.
Also FWIW "Piney" = South Jersey Redneck. Just so you know.