RM persona VS. real life persona thread


Turbo Monkey
Aug 15, 2004
Los Angeles
So what are you really like behind that avatar?

I'm kinda the same. Really dry sense of humor, nice if I know you, stand off-ish if I don't. Opinionated, but not as vocal about it as my online persona lets me be.


Turbo Monkey
Jul 22, 2002
Vestal, NY
Pretty quiet, usually keep to myself. Generally do my own thing, but aslo pretty much spineless when it comes to my wife, so most of my time is controlled by her. I'm easily annoyed, not very patient of other people. Often though of as conceited or arrogant, but in reality, I just don't care about people, so their opinions mean little to me, and are rarely worth my time.

binary visions

The voice of reason
Jun 13, 2002
I'm pretty similar. Dry sense of humor, sarcastic, very opinionated, fairly well spoken...

Not sure if that's a good or bad thing :think:


Turbo Monkey
Aug 15, 2003
Cape Cod, MA
on RM, i generally sit back and read most of the threads, not posting in many, whereas in real life i am talkative, and love to meet new people. i get along with EVERYONE i mean everyone i meet. i may not like them all, but i get along with them. i AM a ladies man.


Turbo Monkey
Mar 18, 2002
G14 Classified
I'm sarcastic as hell, usually pretty quiet, and have mild adhd. In a nutshell, I'm a huge dork. I typically border between indecisive and indifferent in my thought process; I find the Political Forum fascinating for this reason. Perhaps I'd be better described as being laidback, but it really doesn't make a difference.

"People like me because I'm quiet and rarely late." Brick Tamlin...weather.


Turbo Monkey
Jul 16, 2004
valve bouncer said:
I'm sure most RM members view me as something like this....

Is that Rik Mayall??

From Bottom, Young Ones, Drop Dead Fred.....


Apr 29, 2004
Miami, FL
I'm much more reserved and less sarcastic online... things that I would normally say get edited once I read what I wrote.

Secret Squirrel

There is no Justice!
Dec 21, 2004
Up sh*t creek, without a paddle
Meh...I'm pretty easy going and sarcastic most of the time. I like to laugh...I don't really get bothered by anything other than stupid people, drivers, bikers, etc....If you're gonna be a dumbass, do it someplace else...Other than that...I'm big.....

Cooter Brown

Turbo Monkey
May 30, 2002
Snow Hall, tweakin on math
I'm pretty laid back most of the time, except when I drive. I'm kinda standoffish at first til I get to know ya, and then I'll open up if I like ya, if I don't, I won't say much else to you. And like my avatar, I'm known for liking to go out and party a lot, and wave my naughty finger in the air and say "F the man!"


Turbo Monkey
Apr 5, 2005
Chandler, AZ, USA
My wife says I'm "Painfully Honest", with a terrific but dry sense of humor. I give idiots, managers, republicans, and evangilistics (funny how those are one in the same ) a hard time, by forcing them to think. It's painful to watch sometimes.


Turbo Monkey
Dec 17, 2003
Colorado Springs
I'm pretty laid back to most people I think... in general I tend to be sarcastic, cynical, VERY impatient, and sometimes selfish. I tend to avoid confrontational situations quite frequently but yet am fairly social among people I know. Probably not my best trait, but oftentimes I'm really interested when people get angry or upset or something like that because I find it intriguing to see their reactions and how they deal with it. I somewhat try at school, but somewhat not. :p


Turbo Monkey
Mar 8, 2003
West Seattle, WA
manziman said:
yup, i play collegiate volleyball (even though i'm 5'6" I can touch 10'2") with dreams and aspirations to play for the natl. team.
Nice - I'm a setter. Been playing since I was in the 7th grade. 5'9" and USED to be able to dunk a basketball.


Celebrating No-Pants Day
Aug 25, 2003
In my pants
I'm usually at phish shows wearing a sarong and twirling twirling twirling my way to a better me.........wait, what was the question?


bikey's is cool
Jul 26, 2002
in a bear cave
People meet me on the trail and call me Skookum or Skookes or whatever. i don't mind. Funny though what peoples perceptions can be.
i find that internet persona is just an accentuated version of a regular personality. So i guess i am whatever i am percieved to be. So as much as it will be interpreted by you.
Buy me a taco i'd probably take a bullit for you. Steal my taco i'll kill you in the face.


Turbo Monkey
Dec 18, 2004
spokane, WA
im a typical smart-ass teenager. ive been told by my friends that im brutally honest. i tend to make fun of alot of people (only ones who deserve it). im loud and have lots of energy in most cases. i like to do anything having to do with bikeys... exsept spending money (i picked the right sport huh?). and umm, riding with pros makes me feel sad.