road racing


Apr 18, 2004
Iam thinking of getting in to Road racing but i am coming From an Mt bike back ground. Love to clime and have people all around me. The thing is i live in Upstate NY. I have seen alot of road races's and crits. The thing that i don't know is i will be a Cat 4/5 i race sport in Mt bikes. Thinking of moving up. And the next thing is i NEED a Road bike. Help me out


Turbo Monkey
Mar 6, 2004
The 909
They make you race Cat 5 for something like 10 races before you can upgrade, TT's don't count. It's in place so you learn to ride in a group.

Try to find some local hammer rides. Down here in SoCal, there are Tuesday and Wednesday night rides all over the place. That's a good place to learn your strategery and learning to ride in a group as opposed to learning on race day. As far as a road bike goes, what sort of price range are you looking at?


Oct 29, 2002
Outside Philly pa.
I did the same thing several years ago. I was sport level mountain bike racer. I also was a good climber. Whit I learned is road racing is vary different. You need some good people around you. I would recommend finding a good club in your area that develops racers. Cat5 road races area a crap shoot any thing can happen. You ride much closer to each other then you will be use to. The problem is you cant trust any one around you. Crits are eaven worse then road races. Your best bet is to try some good road rides with a bunch of people first then find a few good road races to try. Either way road riding will make you a better mountain bike racer. As far a the bike goes you should look at nothing less then 105 parts. It will probably cost you around $1000 to 1500. Have fun with it and be carful road crashes hurt a lot.


Feb 22, 2005
i just started road riding too, race expert mountain biking and looking to get into elite. I bought a cannondale r700 for in that price range and I've loved it so far. Great bike for the price