Rock Shox Solo Air problem (argyle 409) - "idle travel"?


Oct 7, 2009
Hey guys!

I have quite a big problem with my RS Argyle 409 - actually, with its solo air spring.
First of all, I have (from some months) sth like "idle travel" - I mean, by first 4mm of its travel, the upper legs seem to be "loose" in lower ones - just like there is no spring inside. I have dissasambled it one day and figured out that this seems to be normal. But that's only annoying, so - never mind.

But, few days ago (after changing o-rings, but I don't think it can affect), something happend to my Argyle - this "play" is getting bigger, so that I can push it almost all travel down without using almost any force - only to move the fork, just like there is no spring inside. It doesn't rebound itself, I have to pull my bar up. When I compress fork quickly - I can feel ~1cm of this "idle travel", than I hear a single nock and it works normally all the way down.

What can it be caused by and how can I repair it?
Maybe this is something with this "valve" which is between positive and negative air chamber (I mean it may not close when compressing a fork).

I have made an video to show you situation better (yea, I know how cute my english is... hope you'll understand sth):

Can you help me? Thanks for every advise (I hope there is someone who is well versed in rock shox).
Brooce :)