Rocky Hill Superslalom course.......


Sep 18, 2001
Austin, TX
Hola, my name's brian, and I live in Austin. Last weekend I was able to make it out to the RockyHill BSX course and do some riding/trailwork. As of right now, the trail needs some more love, and with all the rain we have gotten and will be getting over the course of this weekend, it will be prime for some trailwork. The past few months its been so dry its basically been shoveling dust around.....

Anyway, the course has been made bigger and better, its not as much of a holeshot course now that the first two turns have gone from being two lines with small berms to one open line with two gigantic berms, plus there's a good place to make time up in a six pack section that's been added before the tabletop finish.... The large majority of the work (like 99.9%) has been done by Paul(the guy who races for Profile) and the guys from Ozone Bike Dept. here in Austin, but I think we could get it into racing shape if 4 or 5 of us got together to help smooth out some of the rough edges on the course.

So..... if anyone thinks they can make it, how bout trying to get together like the weekend after Thanksgiving one day (or both) to do trailwork if needed and a whole lot of riding? I'm sure that at least one of those days myself and my roommate Raymond will be able to make it out there, and if anyone else is interested post here and we'll try to figure something out, you can also email me at: b_carrico@hotmail.com