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Jun 26, 2009

Andreas Hestler and the Rocky Mountain team have been working hard over the past 365 days to revamp this year's line and make it interesting for you, the rider. Here are the Flatline, the Element, and the Slayer.

Next year's Flatline is similar in large part to this year's, but the paint and a few other features have changes. This item in particular is called the Flatline Pro, one below the Flatline WC.

The blue and silver match like oatmeal and raisins....provided you like raisins.

The Flatline Pro specs a Rock Shox Vivid on the rear.

What can you object to? It's the same frame the Kiwi wonder Cam Cole rode this year but with an affordable price tag.

The Flatline World Cup is the exact bike, for the most part, that Sabrina and Cole rode in the races this year.

A cockpit view of the World Cup winning steed.

The Element Team is the carbon incarnation of this year's fastest XC race bike.

With Fox suspension and a carbon frame, you can be assured that the Element will be plenty smooth, while stiff enough for any race.

The Element also comes in several different levels, materials and specs, all designed to meet the needs of any rider expecting to earn every mile of uphill.

The Slayer 70 is Rocky's awesome new offering on the all-mountain market. This bike does more than climb and descend adequately, look for a full review on that soon!

Smooth link suspension system is similar to FSR, I'll leave the technical discussions on that subject to you!

The Slayer 70 is, by all accounts, an amazing bike that does everything. We shall see about that soon, but given the testimonies of some of the world's best, things are looking good!

That's it from Rocky Mountain for 2010 at Interbike, but we will be around their bikes a lot more in the coming year. What do you guys think about the Flatline, Element, and Slayer?



Ride till you puke!
Dec 10, 2002
Burlington, Connecticut
Very nice offerings from Rocky Mountain.

the new Flatline looks a million times better visually than the one that had all those weird curve/bends to it.