Ron Paul #2


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Aug 13, 2007
But with Fred out of the way, he has a shot at moving up to number..ummm...uhhhh..



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News shocker: Ron Paul was biggest GOP fundraiser last quarter

Well, it's official, ladies and gentlemen. Believe it or not, Rep. Ron Paul, the 72-year-old Texan who hardly ever gets mentioned in Republican political news and the one-time libertarian who always gets the least time on TV debates if he isn't barred completely, was, in fact, the most successful Republican fundraiser in the last three months of 2007.

By a Texas mile.

By the thousands, Paul's fervent followers donated $19.95 million to the "Ron Paul Revolution." He spent $17.75 million, and at year's end, had $7.8 million cash on hand, making him the only Republican candidate to increase his fundraising totals in every quarter of 2007. According to his website, Paul's Paulunteers have contributed another $4.1 million this month to...
Too bad money can't buy respect from the media.


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Sep 10, 2001
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Ron Paul is a bowel movement?

#1 I order you to take a #2.

#2 is the first loser.
LO is underlined for everything today?

Anyway, that's funny.

Yesterday they were talking about how Ron Paul sounds like either a ghey hair dresser, or a hair product line.