Rookie DH Shock Dimension Question


May 15, 2010
Hey guys,
I'm new to the DH world and picked up a Karpiel Disco Volante (old school) with a blown rear shock. I'm thinking of putting in a RockShox Vivid R2C in it's place to match up with my Domain Dual Crown.

I know it's a rookie question, but I can't find anything on the Googles... is there an industry standard for the outer diameter of the coil? My coil is about 2.0" across, but I'm not sure about newer ones. Don't want to purchase a new shock only to find out that it won't fit my frame.

Please help!


Pig my fish!
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May 23, 2002
check avalanchedownhillracing.com under "applications" or fit list. Find your bike, and the two dimensions (eye to eye and stroke).

Punch those numbers into le pinkbike, and see what you come up with. On an older bike like that, a remote resi shock wouldn't be a terrible idea with a high leverage rate. Avy will make you one real quick, and they make good shocks. Otherwise you may run into piggyback contact issues unless you can try it first.

There's no industry standard on external OD on springs, but there are two ID diameters. One is slightly larger and fits avy, romic, and I believe Rockshox. The other is smaller and fits Fox, Cane Creek, and I think Elka. They are not cross compatible. You'll need a spring that corresponds to your shock stroke, and on a fox they are measured with an extra .25" (so a 3" stroke shock needs a 3.25" coil).

What shock is on there? Some shocks are rebuildable like a vanilla RC (by PUSH) and a progressive 5th ele (by avy). Both of those shock tuners do good work for older shocks.