rookie fork question


Jan 26, 2012
so im trying to figure out a fork to replace my 11' GT avalanche 3.0. i bought the bike as a cheapy play toy for around the city until i can get my downhill built/bought. the stock forks are the sr suntour XCM V3 aka total crap. ive only hit a few jumps, mostly urban stuff, loading dock drops, stairs, gaps. probably stuff that shouldnt be tried on a bike like this, im just used to my old ride, 07' iron horse yakuza. needless to say ive busted the crap outta of these forks to the point ive got oil leaking out of both tubes, has a bunch of slop. thanks suntour! so im trying to figure which fork i should go for, im wanting to keep it cheap around 200. ive been looking into the marzocchi dirt jumper 2. any opinions? will they fit? im mainly confused about fitment. thanks for any help guys and gals.:thumb: