rowing machines


Nacho Libre
Mar 16, 2004
When the drive is initiated with the legs. Keep your back straight and let your lats load up. When your legs finish, pull your back and then finish by pulling your arms, trying to bounce that handle off your sternum.

We used to get bruises on our chest from the handle.

The things are torture devices.


Oct 24, 2021
I’ve been using rowerg and skierg since January to get some basic fitness for bike park/DH riding. I’ve done a mix of intervals and 5k on the rower. Intervals and 2k on skierg. The skierg feels very efficient . Good goals should be to aim 5k row under 20min and 2k skierg under 8min. After the DH season, there's a good time to start over and continue until next season.

It's interesting to see if there’s any effect on stamina so that I could ride more each time.
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Dec 8, 2006
You'll never forgive me
Well fuk, you were right...I just couldn't get myself to row at home so now a Concept 2 is for sale in W-MT. Low hours and all that shit. Got back in the gym a month ago due to piriformis, separated shoulder, hip and knee issues. I've been in the gym since the 80s due to separated shoulder issues and the PT is what allowed me to pursue my outdoor endeavors. I left the gym due to COVID and after a couple years, those injuries were fukkin with me as well as a new one! Fuk that noise. Pretty stoked to be back at it and in a couple weeks I'll be able to actually add more challenging weight to my routine. I'm rowing every time I'm in the gym for warmup and I dig...just not at home!