Rust Belt Monkies! Road Trip Time! Tell me about where you live...


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Jan 24, 2004
An accomplice and I are planning a spring break trip to the Rust Belt/NYC set for March (itinerary: Chicago - Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown - Buffalo/Niagra - NYC - Bethlehem/Allentown - Pittsburgh), because we want to take pictures (we like abandoned buildings).

Definite stops on the trip

1 - Buffalo Central Terminal (Buffalo NY)

2 - Rankine Station/Tailrace Tunnel (behind Niagra Falls, Canuck side)

3- Carrie Blast Furnaces, Homestead Works (Pittsburgh PA)

First off - Bethlehem/Allentown locals and people familiar with the area - what's going on with Bethlehem Steel? My unreliable sources tell me most everything, aside from what they're using in the rape of the site for a casino, is gone. Truth to this? How much demolition has gone on? We may skip Bethlehem if The Steel is no bueno.

Second: Anyone in any of these localities have any suggestions on places to visit? We're hot on decommissioned steel mills, if you haven't noticed. Most, sadly, have been demolished. Smaller stuff is also good, but this is a bit of a whirlwind tour and we won't have time to check out Uncle Lou's abandoned barn.


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Jan 17, 2006
da Burgh
I live in Pittsburgh, and just let me know when you are rolling through, and I will set up some rides and a tour to try to find some abandoned/defunct buildings! :thumb: