Saint/Zee hub compatibility


Aug 9, 2009
Whistler, BC
I have a Shimano Saint M815 rear hub, it's done me well for 3 years but the freehub body is shot. Freehub bodys seem to be pretty expensive and are one of those parts that arent sold online so much (all my lbs are currently ski shops). I recently put a new rim/spokes so don't want to rip the hub out. Whilst looking at tech docs, I was considering picking up a Zee hub and switching out the hardware. Then when I have a spare rim I can lace up that shell.

Shimano claim it's a different part and not compatible, while the rest seems identical. Is this them being silly, and saying the 8/9sp freehub is different to the 8/9/10sp freehub of the Zee? Has anyone tried this? Zee hub is only $65 on CRC.



Jul 3, 2008
i bought a zee rear hub to replace the axle in my m815 because it was cheaper than just buying the axle kit alone. axles were identical. Anyways i have the rest of the zee hub brand new and unlaced which i would sell for $45. PM me if interested. I am in van but heading to whistler for may long weekend.