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used an iron once
Jan 20, 2009
All husqvarna?

What do you hate about it?
Yeah, and have their cheapest hedge trimmer because it was the lightest.

The mower is just straight up dumb, it is under powered, from memory it has a one horse power motor but still pulls the battery voltage down under heavy load.
It has a second battery slot but it does not use the batteries in parallel.
It does have an automatically operated turbo mode but I have a small yard so it throttles up and by the time I turn around to do the next bit it has throttled back and you have to wait for it to bog down before it throttles up again.

Fucking hate it, and it wasn't cheap.
The chainsaw is the polar opposite, it dominates but it needs the 9.4AH 36V battery to do its best work.

I would like to try a Toro battery push mower, they seem good on paper.
Not sure which brand I'd go with if I had to buy everything again, I don't have any normal brand 18V batteries.
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