San Jose Lake Cunningham Skatepark


Turbo Monkey
Feb 21, 2006
Thought this would be some good news for fellow park riders. Lake Cunningham is nearing the end of construction and the grand opening is drawing near. As it stands there will be seperate ride time slots for bmx and the rules are strict. All the details are at the following link.


I have a bad feeling that bmx riding will have a short life span after the grand opening. The skate community I feel has major influence with the city and they'll find a reason to ban bikes eventually. So if you ride bmx get your pedalling in before things change.

Here's some pics of the park during construction. It's definetely worth the entry and parking fees.

Dec 3, 2004
San Jose, CA
From Website:
"Bike types: Only BMX or Freestyle type bikes will be allowed. No mountain bikes, trail bikes, tandem bikes, 10-Speeds or non-BMX models will be allowed.

Wheel Size: Only 16”, 20”or 24”wheel sizes will be allowed. 26”or larger wheel sizes are not allowed. "

This is lame. What reason would there be for this rule? Makes no sense.

East Bay Rich

Feb 26, 2003
rant warning: ...c'mon now SJ... what exactly defines a mountain bike nowadays???
Is it the wheel size, gears, and tires? Is it suspension? The lines between the two have become so blurred. If a friend and I show up with a 24" cruiser and a 24" Chameleon+4x, SS w/ disk brakes, why deny one and not the other? I hope SJ park officials & staff recognize that there will be a gray-area that they just have to use their best judgement on. Now if someone shows up w/ a SX Trail, then Yes, that bike is out of its element and could have agility problems in the park.

Well, congrats on the SJ locals on their new park! Hope all works out. :thumb:


Dec 15, 2005
San Jose, CA
Great park, but why are all the skateparks on the East Side?

The only thing on the other side is Calabazas (I'll take it) but even that wasn't built for MTB. It needs a serious rework. It was built for BMX bikes even though MTB typically outnumbers BMX there. The city just doesn't have a clue about this sport and the demographics.