Save CA parks - Sign the letter to Arnold


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Jun 1, 2004
Transylvania 90210
got this email earlier today. pass it on.

Whether you hike, bike, or surf this affects you. In case you haven't heard the Governor's budget proposal would SHUT DOWN 48 state parks. It looks like all of California is affected, so your favorite places might be a target. The 2 main parks we ride every week are on the list - WILL ROGERS AND TOPANGA STATE PARK. Additional, SAN ONOFRE is also on the list.

PLEASE take the few minutes to read the message below and send an email to our state legislators. It will only take a few minutes and IT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
Once the parks are shut it will be much tougher to get them reopened.

PLEASE take a stand. and then, send this to all your peeps - and encourage them to take a stand!

See you on the trails!

> We're on the verge of hitting our goal of 25,000 e-mails to the governor -- thanks for your support!
> In fact the governor's office has been getting so many e-mails they called me personally to talk about the issue. Then next step is to get state legislators to officially oppose this plan. With a constant stream of e-mails, and opposition in the Legislature, we can put an end to the proposal once and for all. We definitely have the governor's attention, but with 48 state parks on the chopping block, let's not stop there.
> Help make this happen by signing a letter to Senator Kuehl and Assembly Member . Just click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser.



> Gov. Schwarzenegger recently announced a budget proposal would shut down 20 percent of the state's parks, as well as cut down on lifeguards at state beaches. Of course, we all know California needs to balance the budget. But we're talking about a step that would save $9 million -- less than 0.1 percent of the state budget.
> Across the state people have been voicing their outrage at the governor's plan -- and its impact on our environment, our quality of life, and our confidence in state government. Editorials have been run in almost every major California paper.
> Let's take away the last supports of this bad idea, by calling on our legislators to vocally oppose the plan.
> http://environmentcalifornia.org/action/preservation/legislator-saveparks?id4=ES
> Sincerely,
> Dan Jacobson
> Environment California Legislative Director
> DanJ@environmentcalifornia.org
> http://www.environmentcalifornia.org