Save Conan!

Da Peach

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Jul 2, 2002
North Van
Yeah, I have to admit that I tuned in the other night hoping the catch Sarah Palin. I only managed to see Shawn White and the fruity guy from American Idol.

I loved how Leno came out and get the emo-fruit a big hug after his big bring-down-the-house suck anthem.

Kinda like watching a b movie.

I'm sure Conan will be fine.

I'm sure Leno will continue to be extremely sh!tty well into the future. There's a huge audience for it.


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Aug 2, 2008
Im over here now
Conan has been saved

Conan O'Brien is headed to TBS to host a late-night talk show expected to debut in November.

"The good news: I will be doing a show on TBS starting in November!" tweeted O'Brien Monday. "The bad news: I'll be playing Rudy on the all new Cosby Show."

TBS said Monday that the program will air Mondays through Thursdays at 11 p.m. Eastern, shifting TBS' "Lopez Tonight," starring George Lopez, to midnight.