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Nov 10, 2005
media blackout
Me? No way. I sent the whole ****ing thing back. I don't do business with cheesy scammers. The guy relied on keeping people in torturous wait for their bikes, and so many stories ended with "well, I got the bike after he did [insert outrageous BS here] so I kept it, even though [insert something wrong with the build here]." That stuff doesn't fly with me, so I sent it back b/c I had proof he had lied to me about shipping it when he had not done so. He doesn't deserve my business and he deserves a financial penalty of being stuck with a built custom bike he'll have to sell at a lesser profit or a loss.

Someone who loses 30 or so bikes a year in USPS isn't unlucky; he's a bald-faced liar.
the correct phrase is "bold faced liar"


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Oct 26, 2001
chez moi
the correct phrase is "bold faced liar"
No, that's what semi-literate mouth-breathers say.

(Actually, both are correct, but that's the way I feel about "bold-faced." Bold face is text. "Bald" refers to being unadorned, which I find more appropriate.)


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Jun 17, 2005
This thread has gone on long enough !

For over the past 4 years no customers or anyone who even remotely knows me has posted to this thread .
Its nothing but internet trolls like John E and Jon Kranked making off the cuff comments with no shred of truth .

Comments like I love weed more than ?
No I love building the best steel bicycle frames possible more than the SH!T you trolls post here online !

How's business been you keep asking ?
Well over the past 4+ years I've been building frames out of my 2400" sq ft shop , paying my rent for my shop and my loft (No sorry Brad doesn't live with his parents , he has a pretty swanky modern loft in downtown Sacramento which is has lived in for the past 5+ years )

To get to the point -
I NEVER ripped anyone off , stole from anyone and every customer who has paid for a bike has gotten their bike !
I can not answer to everyone of the BS post contained in this thread as honestly 99% of the people posting here haven't met me , are not my customers nor have they ever spent any cent with my company .
So honestly posting to a "Bad sellers" thread just to bump the page count just goes to show the true worth of the posting contained heirin .

To be clear RIDEMONKEY and the user's of the Forum do not dictate my business !

Some extremely serious claims of theft have been raised in this thread which honestly held no worth and were blown very much out of proportion . If these claims were in fact valid , I would assume the other party if felling so strongly that I stole from them would have filed some action for these serious claims in California court. We have a established court system in the country for a reason , to handle and oversea disputes !
No action , demand letters or contact other than posting's to this thread were ever made to me .

Playground BS like this thread are just that , childish BS attempts at going around the law with the intent of damaging another. Way to be RIDEMONKEY !

This thread has done nothing but slander my name with it's sole intent of damaging my personal reputation and my business .
My previous postings and signature have been altered by the moderators to contain a direct link to this thread.
The Moderators have done their best to keep this thread in the top of the GOOGLE search history for my name and my business name . Why but for no other reason than to damage my personal name and my business .

Is this the proper legal way to handle this - NO !
In fact this is a very underhanded way of taking out some personal vendetta the moderators have against me .
Have the Moderators ever met me , have they purchased product from me NO!

Why do these threads happen you ask ?
Eric Sokolowski was the first person to post a thread demanding product from me via "forum pressure"
But in actuality it was he who still owed money on his frame and was trying to use the press of the forum to get out of paying the final $100 on a frame.

What about WESTCOAST Huckers all Chrome NemPro ?
Mike again used the "forum" to back out of paying the final $750 owed on his custom bike .
Saying in the end "I'll send you $1,400 when it ships" but then only sending 1/2 later preaching to the "Forum" as to why he didn't feel the final payment was justified .

This thread that's now 20+ some pages long was started by a customer who ordered a pair of handlebars but then when multiple address used didn't match per my Paypal user agreement I held off shipping until this could be verified .

This thread makes me out to be the latest "MATT CHESTER" which honestly and flat out I AM NOT !!

I grew up with one dream to build the best steel bicycle frame possible , here in the USA
When Nemesis Project started almost ten years ago , I was a very arrogant young man with i'll admit a bit of a attitude.
We also garnered a TON of attention online and in the forums , partly for my previous work with Namaiki Cycles and later Evil bikes .
I started Nemesis Project originally to build urban freestyle bikes that bridged the gap between BMX and the MTB world . It was at this time when I had just stopped racing downhill and was working in the local bike shop that I saw a number of kids riding street on 13" and 15" MTB's their parents had bought them but they quickly grew out of .
I saw the need for a new modern "freestyle mountain bike" thus Nemesis Project was born .

It's been ten years since I built the first street fighter frame in the back of the CTS shifter kart shop .
To be honest this thread has haunted me and caused me great deal of personal stress .
Do I think this thread is valid ? NO F-ing WAY !!

Ask yourself how you would feel if a 23+ page thread of BULLSH!T existed about you online , how would YOU feel ?

Business is very good !

Someone once told me , if you want something bad enough - Be prepared to spend the next TEN YEARS of your life working for it !

Well that exactly what I have done , in the face of this thread with my middle finger clearly raised to RIDEMONKEY
I've stayed in business and kept growing my factory , buying new tools and machinery , improving my skill set , building better frames - quietly without asking for any hype .
People still buy my bikes , both here in the US and world wide with markets like Japan !

If you want to see some of my current work please feel free to check out my Instagram account

I guess in closing I could say something about how American Manufacturing is dying , especially the steel and BMX frame industry here in the USA . I'm not talking the hobby builder working out of his garage . I'm referring to the bicycle production factories . With big players like Ti-sports , SAPA , SOLID , QUAMEN who have all stopped building production frames here on the West Coast. The availability of custom bikes not made from off the shelf tube set's put together using catalogue parts are now few and far between . Threads like this encouraging entire "Forum Community's" to rally behind trying to put a bicycle builder out of business is honestly horrible .

-Brad Hodges
Nemesis Project cycles


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Jun 13, 2002
Um. Nobody had posted in this thread for months. I'm not sure why you'd bump it.

And none of the moderators have started a thread or posted a bad experience about you, so I'm not sure why you keep blaming them/us.

This is a site with community-generated content. None of the mods or admins here control or influence Google search rankings and do nothing to keep this thread there. It's there because Google indexes our site just like they index every other site - and it's somewhat mind-blowing to me that you think otherwise.

Additionally, none of the mods or admins started or bump this thread. Again, it boggles my mind that you claim otherwise time and time again - this is a public community. Community members have started and continued to post in this thread. Just because I participated in a discussion that was already happening doesn't mean I instigated it.

Regardless, I'm going to lock the thread. If anyone has any future issues that come up, please send me a message and I will unlock it.
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