Scanning 35 mm slides or negatives

A local historian asked me to have 22 slides of paintings by a local artist scanned and cut to disk. It cost me $1.50 per slide for high resolution scans.

I have hundreds of interesting photos on 35 mm media which I'd like to digitize, but the cost would be prohibitive.

What's a good scanner that I might be able to get for reasonable money, maybe on eBay? Ideally, it'd handle mounted slides, filmstrips or individual unmounted slides.




Turbo Monkey
Dec 12, 2006
There's one in the school photo lab. It may be broken but I'll find out and if it works you could mail them to me I could scan them up for you.


Nam I am

Some flat bed scanners have the ability to scane Negatives and Un mounted slides, Many Moons ago I help people in out ID deptartment set up a HP scanner to scan negatives in ( which they then using photo shop made into photos ), the software had a special mode for that which set the scan light to a Brighter setting.

I also have seen some of the HP slide scanners but never saw the output.


Cranky Pants
Nov 10, 2004
Most flat beds I've used suck at scanning transparencies. A good neg/film scanner will autofocus on the film surface to get crisp resolution. Flat beds can't do this.

Look for an older Minolta Scan Dual on eBay. I have one and it rocks. Nikon Coolscans are great too.

Whatever scanner you use, buy a copy of Vuescan. It is worth every penny, far superior to any stock scanner software. It makes old crappy scanners work 1000x better too.


Cranky Pants
Nov 10, 2004
Thanks, I'm watching that.
We have the Dual Scan III and I love it. The IV in that listing is an even better model.

Minolta is no more, but I believe you can download drivers, etc via the Sony site.

Vuescan will run that thing like a fvcking champ.

The Nikons are hella pricey, even used.


Plastic Santa
Jan 6, 2005
Farm it out.

It broke my heart when I threw my $4K badass (at the time) (SCSI) Agfa slide scanner into a dumpster (only after giving it a little peck.)