scott voltage yz 01 as trial bike?


Apr 12, 2020
Hi Guys,
Just want to check with you here before I pull the trigger this week if this bike will be good for heavier guy,
like 230lb and 6.1 height? Intended use is trial like riding and jumping to complete my dirt motor bike cross training.
Also can such bike do some technical trails? I understand its uphill capabilities are very limited.


ass grabber
Sep 8, 2006
Central Florida
trial like riding and jumping
Those things are incompatible if you want appropriate bikes. You want a high bb for trials. You want a neutral bb for jumping. You want a steep twitchy head angle for trials and you definitely don't want that dirt jumping. You want a rigid or stiff sus fork for trials, you want a semi stiff sus fork for jumping. You want low low gearing on a trials bike and that single speed dirt jumper is going to have medium gearing. You'll be breaking chains getting the front end up.

You could build a 2000s style trials bike, but there are cheap trials completes around after the trials boom a few years ago. I'd just get two bikes OR something with gears in the rear.