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Aug 6, 2001
MTB New England
'Morning, poo throwing primates. We've got some winter weather coming today, so I got out ass-early this morning for a five mile run. It was cold and windy and my legs were tired and my hands and face froze and it was an all around shitty experience. But I am glad I got it done.

Someone brought Dunkin Donuts donuts into work. For Chrissakes, if you are going to bring free donuts, bring donuts from a bakery and not this Dunkin Donuts shit. I want my free stuff to be of good quality.


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Oct 23, 2001
Workin' 7-4ish today. Already had a robust 2-part morning dump, so my day is basically complete already


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Dec 3, 2009
Cackalacka du Nord
Our entire building is being taken over and transformed by Nike/Jordan for this weekend's NBA all star game. They're almost done installing a fully-enclosed half court in our atrium, entirely surrounded by responsive video screens, and the entire entry is walled in with huge screens as well. It's pretty damn ridiculous. But they're paying us a pretty penny to do it, so we whored out the building for the week. Le sigh.

Fingers crossed that rain will hold off on Friday so I can say fuckit and ride somewhere. Mid-year review went well yesterday, I guess. New boss seems happy with everything. Now if only they'd hurry up and get the application process for the position I've applied for moving.

In the meantime, coffee and busy work.


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May 29, 2011
Winter storm incoming!

Haven't done much physical activity over the last bit and its taking a toll on my body. Shitty sleep last night due to kranky back pains, stomach feels bloated etc etc. Need to undo!

I'm ready for summer....


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Jul 9, 2002
Jimtown, CO
Well howdy fucking doo dah.
Back in the office today. I really like these 3 day work weeks. Although I'm teaching peopple who cant ski good to ski good this Sat-Mon so not much of a break. :/

The realities of settling down with a homeowner set in this weekend. I am cool with canceling our summer plans. Lots I want to do around CO & now I get to do it.
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Jul 26, 2006
In the process of going through my insurance coverage to make sure that I'm not over paying and have enough coverage in general. Had an hour long conversation with one rep yesterday and had an eye opener yesterday that my current coverage looks to be not factoring the reality of the quality of our build (custom vs. builder's grade) and that the accessory structures (ie deck and storage unit) are definitely not sufficiently covered. I get to have a few more conversations for quotes and such, but it looks like we'll end up walking away paying the same but with better coverage. So much for trying to save money...

Oh, and here.


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Nov 10, 2005
media blackout
Present. Winter weather was a bust. Sleeting and roads are fine, thankfully enough people are staying off of them. Sitting in the waiting room while my wife has her second back procedure. This also means out of office today .


Hey baby, want a hot dog?
Jul 9, 2002
Jimtown, CO
Got some sleep, or at least I think I did. I don’t think I made any soap...
I took 10 mg of melatonin last nite. it helped but still woke up a few times. but was still very restful when awake. it was weird. think I will continue with it.


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Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR

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Afternoon Monkeys.

Wicked flooding on my drive in this morning. Lots more rain all week. Going away for the long weekend for a pre-bday for the wife. Will be a soaker, but that's fine. I would rather be wet and away than dry and home. We will get our house back eventually (July 1st is the hard date).
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