Seen a Sasquatch 12x135 thru axel? (Uzzi Vpx/Slx)

Jun 18, 2004
I didn't realize that the rear spacing was 12x135...

I assumed that '135mm' spacing meant 10x...

I know that I can convert my Hadley rear hub to a 12x... but I can't for the life of me find the axel on the web...

anybody been through this with an Slx,Vpx,or M1?

did your frame come with a 12x135 axel?


Turbo Monkey
Feb 12, 2003
Pleasant Hill, CA
I believe M1's and Uzzies share the same FSR chainstay/dropout.

My M1 could be set up for either 10mm or 12mm depending on which washers you used. For using a 12mm axel, you needed two big washers, to sit into the recess on the frame.
If you wanted 10mm, you used similar washers, that had an extra (1mm thick) sleve that slipped into the dropout, and around the 10mm axel on your hub. Sort of a T-Shaped washer, rather than being just flat.
===== <= Kinda like this instead of this => =====

(I had to insert the .... periods so the spacing would look half right)

Intense could probably send you some.
Otherwise, you can order a 12mm axel through your lbs. I had to do the same a while ago and paid like $30 for a stupid aluminum bolt.

Hope that helps.