Serious bacon question, guize!

Bacon and salted crackers. Does this make me:

  • Manly

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  • Classy

    Votes: 6 60.0%
  • Manliest

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Mar 10, 2005
Santa Cruz/Sacramento, Ca
So I cooked myself some bacon and, just now, I've decided to eat my plethora of meat product atop some nicely salted crackers.

Bacon and Salted crackers. Nothing more and nothing less. Does this make me:

1) Manly
2) Classy
3) Manliest

ska todd

Turbo Monkey
Oct 10, 2001
Lawnguyland, New F'in Yawk
Any time you put your meat on a cracker that isn't a wheat thin, saltine, trisket, or a ritz (ok so a cracker not made by Nabisco) you up your class points. Bonus class is achieved proportional to the hoitiness of the cracker and where said cracker was obtained on a sliding scale of "back of closet/came with apartment to cookie aisle to international food aisle to specialty food store". More points scored for a selection of cheese and fruit. Fish products can also be used for extra class score. If water is served from a glass bottle to compliment, then add even more class.

-ska todd