Setting up your MRP Chain Guide...?


I need some feedback on setting up the Orange Rollers on my MRP chain guide. I haven't had any trouble with them but the upper roller came loose and I wasn't sure where to place it on the grooved bracket when tightening it back down.

Should the upper roller 'contact' the chain? If not, how far above should it be? What is the general rule on setting the lower roller? What should you AVOID doing when setting the rollers in place?

Any information would helpful...as you can tell from my questions.

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Feb 4, 2004
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use lots of loctite on everything to start out. Make sure the lower roller is as close to the bashring as it can go without touching it though, same goes for the top roller. the guide should be set up so the top roller only touches the chain when it flops around. Put your top roller betwen the 12:00 and 1:00 position


Sep 30, 2003
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i personally set mine up with the upper arm as vertical as i can get it without it interfering with the swingarm movment, the upper roller should NOT touch the chain and have it sitting so it is sitting just above the guide plates(not touching).
the idea is to make sure theres no way the chain can hop off the ring and out between the rollers and guide plates, it basicly should be enclosed.