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    When I first saw Voler's clothing, I was at the '94 or '95 Mammoth National. I saw their Mammoth Lakes jersey, and just had to have one. Since I was about to do my second Make-A-Wish event in Virginia City, NV, the gentleman there said.... 1-- you get a jersey, what size?, and 2-- we want to be a part of your event. Since then, Voler has flat out taken care of my event (stopped doing it after 5 years, though the itch to do another is starting to surface), my stepson and his riding, and my riding for Alaina. They have done custom jerseys for me, and each one is more special than the last.

    For my 2013 season, instead of a jersey/s for me, I asked that they supply my wife and stepson with their "you're the artist" fireman's jersey. Oh, I did ask for a pair of compression socks, and the package arrived today. The jerseys are just awesome!! For those that don't know, Alaina wanted to be a firefighter, stepson is on the wildlands Tallac crew here in Tahoe, and, well, wife deserves one.

    Thank you, Elaine, Wayne, and Voler, for your generous and continued support of my, now our, riding for Alaina........
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