Sherman Breakout plus help


Jun 23, 2004
I have a Sherman Breakdown a.k.a. Breakout Plus with SPV. When I pull up and unweight the front wheel the fork the sag in the fork seems feel like the bottom is dropping down instead of gliding down.
I called Manitou and they said it is a low oil level. I checked the oil level and even added alittle more, it didn't help. I just replaced the rebound dampner. so I know that it is not that. I have also messed with more and less rebound. I also have added and lowered the spv pressure. If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated.

Dangerous E

May 24, 2006
Coorstown, CO
Have you tried messing around with the bottom-out threshold? That's that red nut on the right (I think) side of the crown. I have had mine for almost 2 years and feel like I am only now getting it dialed. Good luck.