Sherman Flick vs. Pike SL....


Dec 13, 2002
Phoenix, AZ
Yes, I did a search, for all you guys who are about to chime in at me (j/k) but I'd like to see a direct comparison between the two if anyone has had time on both. Talk away...


Turbo Monkey
Feb 12, 2003
Pleasant Hill, CA
Sherpa said:
Yes, elaborate!

I've heard that they had an issue with the arch snapping where they met the legs. They fixed this half way through the year by filling in one of the weight saving holes in the back of the arch.

Edited: replaced "crown snapping" with "arch snapping"


Jul 21, 2004
i have a sherman breakout (tpc+, supa plush) and just got a pike team for my new trailride bike. my dust-gathering lightweight XC bike has a manitou minute with the RTWD travel adjust. so i sorta have a basis to answer your question...

i'm liking the RF maxxle so far. very convenient. but i have to really tighten it a lot to get no slop.

the pike travel adjust feels higher quality than the RTWD on the minute (or the TA on the breakout...which is still working on mine but i only use the lowered position on climbs).

in terms of overall steering rigidity, the 6 inch travel 5.5 lb breakout is a little better than the pike and, to the extent that i've ridden the fox 36, the 6 inch breakout feels simliar to the 36 in terms of rigidity. but the pike team is lighter than either of these, so for my trailride bike this tradeoff makes sense. i assume the firefly would be similar to the pike in terms of steering rigidity.

i really like the range of adjustability for compression and rebound damping on the pike--better than the manitou in that department. fox 36RC2 much more adjustable (and expensive).

haven't yet taken the pike apart, but from the tech .pdf it has some things in common with the firefly/breakout. 15 cc of lube oil in the lower spaces, damping chamber on the top right side.

this summer i've seen a lot of pikes on bikes. for the price it seems to be pretty good. once i've owned mine for at least 6 months i'll have a better idea of overall reliability, but so far i'm happy with it.