sherman slider--what did jenny break?


Jun 10, 2003
03 Sherman Slider

First couple of runs yesterday my lady friend was over the bars twice and almost a 3rd time. turns out her fork was only getting about an inch of travel, whereas before (or at least for most of the season, maybe the problem started on saturday) the fork was working fine--using all the travel, felt ok etc.

turning the bottom knob (compression damping?--got the bike used, it was set up well for her from the start and it has been problem free up till now, so i'm not sure) out helped a lot, but unloading the bikes last night and looking at the dust rings on the legs, it looked like she was still only getting about 4 of the 6" out of the fork.

the bottom knob felt weird, it wasn't like a clean turn and then click, it would grind and then the clicks weren't that positive, and you had to reef on it to get it around.

any ideas what the problem could be? should i just ****can the manitou and replace with the z150 on my trail bike (obviously i'd rather avoid that)?


Turbo Monkey
Feb 25, 2002
Walden Ridge
Download the service manual from the web and pull the fork apart. They aren't that complicated. The problem might be obvious to find and easy to fix. Otherwise box it up and ship it to Manitou and have them fix it.