Short Term Economic Outlooks

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N8 v2.0

Not the sharpest tool in the shed
Oct 18, 2002
The Cleft of Venus
i'm trying to figure out what to do.. I have 50% of my investments in an international fund, 30% in a Small Cap fund and 20% in a Common Stock fund...

I was temped enough to pull it all out and into a Bond Fund.. enough so that I put in a transfer request that I canceled by the end of the day.. I'm down 12% from Nov..

Maybe I will move into Treasury Securities tomorrow..




the teste
Nov 22, 2002
All of my investments are in it for the long haul so I am not too concerned about doing anything but in 2001 when things started getting all wonky like they are now I bailed and was payed handsomely for doing so.