Should I do it.


Out of my element
Aug 30, 2002
Deep in the Jungles of Oklahoma
IF you can afford to do it - then do it. No need to get permission from the likes of us Monkeys! ;)
Well that's good, cuz it's a done deal... here's my review :)

Handles better than I would have thought at the trail. The last 29er I rode was great on everything except it's handling was a bit sluggish... but I can throw this one around with ease. Geometry is more aggressive, I think that's the difference.

We have really technical terrain around here so I have the brain dialed almost all the way downf. It takes very little to disengage the inertia valve at this setting, but it's still there. As I get more use to it I'll probably turn the knob in a bit more.

As a whole the bike is more aggressive. It carves well, climbs VERY well, yet it decends as well as my 5-6" trailbike, despite the fact that it has far less than 2/3 the travel. Basically has race bike handling, but the 29 wheels allow me to plow through the rocks with confidence.

I cant say that I'll buy more of the tires cuz they are pretty overpriced @ $50 a pop, but I cant complain about them at all... came with "The captain S-Works". They rail around corners without a hiccup and hook up just fine everywhere else.

Not a giant fan of the RS Reba fork... I think that's it's weakness... but it's good enough for now. It will be my main target of an upgrade unless it starts to feel better with some more tuning and a bit of break-in.

EDIT: Forgot to mention... gear ratios are a bit different. That's going to take some getting use to. After years and years of riding the same gears I always know exactly what gear I need for a given climb. Time to relearn :)
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