Shuttles runs in San Jose / Santa Cruz area?

Feb 16, 2004
San Jose, CA
My brother and I are new in the Bay Area and were looking to do some shuttle runs if any exist. He has a Nissan Frontier that can hold a few bikes if anyone is interested.

Does anyone know of any shuttle runs in the area or any DH riding? Any info would be much appreciated!

Also, if anyone is up for riding any time, drop me an email. Like I said, we're new here and are looking for some good fun trails with jumps/stunts.


- Todd Cannatelli

Total Heckler

Beer and Bike Enthusiast
Apr 28, 2005
Santa Cruz, CA
Hey Todd, today, tomorrow, and the next day some friend of mine are going to be doing some runs up at UCSC. Send me a PM and lets meet up and barge. =]