singlespeeds....my bike related post for the year


Nam I am
Klunkerz! I think some of them are sporting geared hubs in back. :monkeydance:

the first one has a sturmey Archer 3 speed with a Coaster brake , rare! .

the 3rd one has front and rear Derailers .

teh 4th one has a Shinao 3 speed ( an old one )

the 5th one has a Shimano Nexus.

that said , they all look like they would be a Blast to ride around town and on the rail trails with the kids.


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Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
I had a Dyno Moto 7 back in '99. I should have never sold that bike. 7 speed nexus hub with drum brake in the rear. Looked a lot like the first one.