Sinister Short


May 6, 2005
Anyone know anything about the short version of the R9? Such as when it might be available and what the geo changes are. On the site it says the geometry is based on an eight inch fork and that the head angle is 67 degrees. Is this based on an eight inch 888? If so would a 7" 888 with lowrider crowns make it way too steep at 69 degrees? Might putting on a shorter i 2 i shock help?


Underwater monkey
Mar 9, 2005
AFAIK the only change on the shorter R9 was the toptube length.
Frank buzzed up a small batch, to make the cockpit shorter for smaller riders. The downtube and chainstays were left unchanged.

Hopefully the future holds a true smaller frame, for smaller riders. I know a lot of riders are interested in one over here, but find the current one-size-fits-all a bit too large. I'm happy I fit on mine!


Turbo Monkey
Aug 23, 2002
Roanoke, VA
The shorter R9 DOES have a shorter front-center measurement, FTW wasn't born yesterday. Effective TT measures out to about 22.5", and the front centers seem to be coming in about just a little less than 1" shorter, depending on fork length. There were at least 4 or five of them out at Mt SNow this weekend, meaning there are only about 2 left from this batch. You should send an email to FTW@sinisterbikes.com with any more questions you have.