Sep 26, 2021
Recently bought a 70's light blue gray Schwinn World Sport 10 speed. I believe it has a 24" Frame. I have shrunk an 1'-1/2" in height since my last 10 speed - an early 70's Mercier that I bought from Daniel Boone in Houston. I have the seat all the way down. It rides nice but I will need a smaller frame. Already got some info from the Lounge.

I will be using the bike for general exercise and recreation.

I have ridden much shorter bikes and they seem to not have as much straight line stability. Is the wheelbase dependent on frame size or do frames of a given height have different wheelbase?

I looked at size charts which indicate I need a 21" frame. I think a 22" frame would work for me.

I will be looking for a vintage bike similar to the Schwinn or Mercier.