Skewer Mounts?

Apr 3, 2005
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Hey i just got my new bike last weekend (05 Specialized FSR XC Comp) and im looking for a good way to haul it to the trails besides throwing it in the back of the truck and let it roll around and get dinged up. I drive a F150 so no need for a cartop carrier or anything like that. I have looked into bolt-on skewer mounts. Im thinking of bolting it down the the lip of the side of the bed of my truck behind the rear window. Ill take a pic tomorrow when there is light outside to let you see where i mean. The only thing i dont know about them is how secure they are. I know that they are going to be as secure as the bolt down is but i know you can buy some that have locking hindges. I deffinently want to be able to lock it. I was showing my dad what i want to do and his only consern was that since only one side of the mount will lock couldnt someone just go over to the other side and just loosen the other end. I tried to explain to him that they are really tight and it would be too much trouble and would take so long I or someone esle would notice them trying to get it off. I only need the locking feature becuase when im coming home from riding or going there i will occasionally stop at the gas station and fill up on gas/food. and i dont want to leave it just sitting there to be stolen.the ones that i have looked at are:

#1 http://www.pricepoint.com/detail/14188-255_DELHP5-2-Accessories-38-Racks/Delta-Bike-Hitch-Pro-With-Lock.htm

#2 http://www.yakima.com/home.html
(link wont take u directly to the one i want but its called the Yakima locking bolthead...under the products--bike--truckbed the select Locking Blockhead.)
(if you look at how they illistrated how they are mounted, that is the way i want to do it, so that i can still put in my tool box if im not hauling my bike. ill still post a pic of the area on my truck to mount it to clear things up)

i cant find the other one that i found at my local shop but its more like #1. im leaning toward #2 the yakima but let me know if you have any surgestions or comments



Apr 21, 2005
Raleigh, NC
As far as companies go, you can't go wrong with yakima or thule. Security shouldn't be an issue with this type of mount since its got a lock. In response to your dad's concern about someone dismantling the mount, sure anybody with tools and some time can take your entire rack off your car/truck, which is why I wouldn't reccomend leaving the bike on the rack overnight or for long periods of time, but it should be fine for just stopping by the store or around town. I've had some experience with these types of mounting systems and they are fairly solid and versatile (have adaptors for lefty forks/ 20mm forks). I say go for it. Personally I tie my bike in the bed of my truck so it stands straight up, but these mounts you're looking at have been my favorite rack system out of all the types I've tried.


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Oct 20, 2005
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they don't lean what hes talking about is stanging it up on both wheels and strapping it down, great for dh bikes but king of a hassle to get it tied down just right. your'e ide will work great but you should fabricace a backing plate for the underside of the rail or at the very least use washers for extra strengh


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Mar 6, 2004
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I have an F-150 and use this:http://www.deltacycle.com/product.php?g=35

You can lock the mounts with a padlock, and I can fit 5 bikes on it (it comes with 2 mounts). Also, another alternative would be to get a 2x4 and cut it to fut snugly in the bed. Then screw the mounts into it. You can angle the mounts to fit more bikes across.

Anyways, my .02.