Turbo Monkey
Feb 26, 2003
Id thought id give Skype a try as my sister is taking a semester abroad in France, and talking on the phone can be pretty pricey. So i installed Skype, wich took about 2 seconds, signed up, pluged in my headset and WOW!!!!!!!

I can hear her like she is in the next freaking room. It is crystal clear, 5 times better than a telephone. I am guessing it is probably uploading some terrible trojan in my PC every time i log on, but what the hell. We were both on high speed connections, so i guess that if you were on a 56k it wouldnt be as good, but i could hear her typing on her keyboard. Im very impressed, not only does this program work, but it just saved me like 11 dollars on my phone bill. :thumb:

Mike B.

Turbo Monkey
Oct 5, 2001
State College, PA
eBay just bought Skype so I'm sure it will become much less effective and I'll bet the cost model is adjusted in very short order. In the interim, use the hell out of it