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Apr 13, 2004
urban sprawl (orange county)
alright, so i am on my way home from my friends house. totally sober, no foul play of any kind involved. i am driving 5 of my friends who left their cars at my house. as we pass our highschool on the way to my house, i pass a cop coming from the other direction. this member of orange county's fine sherifs department promptly makes a U-turn and starts to tailgate me. finally after about 200 feet, the cop turns on the red and blues and i pull over. now i've got two tickets under my belt so i have my license and registration ready and waiting for him as he comes up to the window. mind you i was driving completely legally, i know the speed limit is 40 and i was going EXACTLY 40, however it was 12:30, so i was 30 minutes past curfew, this particular member of orange county's finest made sure to let me know this.

but i digress.. i have my license and registration waiting for him, he takes it, looks it over, and takes it back to the two other black and whites which have just arrived, one of which is a k9 unit. he comes back and tells me to step out of the car. i oblige. he pats me down and asks me to sit down on the pavement, again, i oblige. he gets my friends out of the back of my car and does the same. pats them down and tells them to have a seat. he informs us that there have been reports of teenagers throwing water baloons at cars, we tell him we have had nothing to do with it, we have been at a friends house, and that he can call said friends parents, we even offer to give him the number. he takes all of this with a "you guys just can't tell the truth can you?" we respond with silence.

by this time another cruiser has pulled up, there are now 4 police cars, and a total of 6 uniformed officers interrogating a group of 6 teenagers. we repeat that we have nothing to do with any throwing of anything, he takes it as a lie. he asks us all how old we are. this is where it gets sketchy; my newly matured 18 year old friend answers honestly and tells the officer that he is 18. the officer replies with "well you're going to jail." luckily he is the only one of age, the rest of us are 17 and younger.

anyways, they ask us some questions, he finds the "police grade" pepper spray my dad gave me for use on my rides into mountain lion country, which i just keep in my car because i figure it can't hurt incase something bad happens. he lectures us on how it is illegal to throw things, how it is illegal to be out past curfew, and how it is illegal to have "police grade" pepper spray. he threatens to call our parents, takes down all of our phone numbers, and then lets us go.

what i dont understand is this: when there is so much rampant crime going on in our country; meth labs in garages, gang violence, rape, murder. how is it that police can find four cops willing to completely waste an entire hour interrogating teenagers to no avail. it boggles my mind.

agree, disagree, think i'm a jackass, make your statements.


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Jul 10, 2002
Slacking at work
Sounds to me like you were out past curfew and they were looking for some kids that matched your description. So they shook you down a little bit to make sure it wasn't you. Bottom line is if you weren't out past curfew it wouldn't have happened...


Oct 17, 2002
it sucks, you handled it well.

are they jerks? Perhaps, but they're also doing thier jobs. It's frustrating for you and your friends, but at least y'all aren't black ;)