Sneak Peek!

Nov 27, 2004
brooklyn new york
Here's a couple of shots of the new '08 Race-Lites, they have been totally redesigned to be a true light weight platform pedal. They are 4mm smaller in profile and approximately 2.5 mm smaller in width and height. They'll also have 2 smaller bearings on the outside and a Super Oilite bearing closest to the crank. The axle shares the same austempering process and because of the smaller platform it's 5mm shorter in length. The biggest change is most definitely the weight, they come in at 520 grams for the set! Color options will be as follows: Green, Black, Gold, Blue, Grey



Turbo Monkey
Sep 23, 2001
Boise, Idaho
damn andy looking good, we have not rapped for a while. gotta get back in touch with ya. looks like the search for the machinist/cnc machine came through looks SICK